Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Health Without Borders

So my class is creating a MOOC for elementary school kids...We want to teach you about being healthy!  Join us in Texas as we partner with schools in New Zealand, Brazil, Chicago, Nashville, and others to try to change the health habits of our society.

If you teach elementary school and want to join us, its pretty easy...just subscribe to our free class in iTunes U on your iDevice! Here is how it works...

Choose from these available activities -- or do them all!

(1)  Encourage your class to take a health challenge. This first challenge asks them to find a way to eat healthier for a couple of days.  Once the challenge is complete, have your kids blog with us - or blog as a class and let us know what you did.  We will respond to each post.

(2)  Read a couple of iBooks that my class created on the topic.  This first unit is on digestion so learn about why you should eat healthy food.

(3)  Watch a couple of short videos my class created.  Again, the first unit is on digestion so you would learn about your stomach, intestines, and how food is absorbed.  See some experiments we ran to test how unhealthy food damages your organs.

(4) Challenge your class to do something to improve health where you live!  You can share the products you create with us if you want.  Suggestions are provided in the course.

(5)  Check out some fun apps we found that you might like.

(6)  Skype with us and let us know what you thought about the lesson.  You can also take pictures and share them with us on Twitter using #chsAP or @jdeinhammer!

Join the first lesson, You Are What You Eat, in Health Without Borders!  Other chapters will be added over the course of the school year.

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