Multi-Touch Books

Books I have published via iBooks -

Health: Inside Out
My students created and published this book to add to our Health Without Borders iTunes U course.  The book was developed, planned, created, illustrated, and edited all by high school students.  All artwork is student generated using iPad apps. The book focuses on maintaining health of five body systems and also serves as a good text for middle school science.

In the Science Lab 
This book was created to teach middle school students the basics of lab safety, proper equipment use and measurement, and the basics of experimentation. 

Through Their Eyes
My students wrote this book last year to share the amazing things going on at the Dallas Zoo. Their goal was to address Global Goal #15, Life on Land and teach others about endangered species and what can be done to help them.  All images and illustrations were captured or created by students using iPads.

Saving Earth
This book was written by my 2016-2017 7th graders in an attempt to educate people on the importance of saving our planet.  Based on the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development, students planned and implemented projects and shared success stories of how to improve our planet.

Cell Biology
This book was created to teach middle school and high school students about the basic structures of cells and how cells help the body maintain homeostasis.

iPads in Life Science

I wrote an multi-touch book to share my projects in Anatomy and Physiology with other teachers.

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