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I teach science in Coppell, Texas, and have been in the classroom for 20 years.  I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and the 2015 Region 10 Teacher of the Year in Texas. You can find my classroom story at apple.com/education.  

I strongly believe that students should have a voice in their education and that school needs to drastically change to meet the needs of our changing world.  School should look different than it did when I was there and I am doing what I can to change student experiences.  They shouldn't constantly be preparing for what is next, but should be contributing to improving our world each day.

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Random facts about me...I love music festivals and peanut butter cups.  This year starts my 20th year in classroom which means I have officially been teaching longer than my students have been alive.  They don't even know who Seinfeld is.    :\

Oh and I am a science teacher, not an English teacher, so no judging of my writing skills.
You can find me on twitter or email me if you have questions.

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