Monday, December 1, 2014

Great Challenges

Thanks to inspiration from the TEDMED Great Challenges, my Anatomy class decided to tackle Making Prevention Possible by encouraging society to take steps to improve their personal wellness.

Over the course of last semester, we talked about digestion and nutrition, exercise physiology, and heart health.  Students then created educational materials to teach others based on what they had learned.

This course is designed as a six weeks challenge to improve your health.  Participants will be given one challenge each week, encouraging them to make lifestyle changes to prevent illness or injury over time.  Students are teaching our subscribers why they need to make these changes in their lifestyle.

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Let us help you develop a healthier lifestyle, one week at a time.

Learn more from this video my class created!

In the spring, we will tackle another Great Challenge, The Impact of Poverty on Health.  We plan to address this problem by helping educate students in developing nations around the world and doing all we can to help the Oceans Project in the Great British Viking Quest.  I can't wait to talk more on this one, as I have multiple teachers involved in a cross curricular project!  More info coming soon!! :)

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