Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Global Goals Project

Want your kids to solve world problems and collaborate with other students across the globe?  This project might be for you...

Starting the first week of school, we will devote every Friday to working on solving a global issue as identified by the United Nations.  Students will start by researching the 17 Goals to Transform Our World.   Once they choose one area of interest, they will work through the iTunes U course, Global Problem Solvers or GPS. (click this link on your iPad or iPhone to subscribe to the free course)

The final product for part one is a short documentary that discusses which problem they selected, their research and their plan to solve the problem.  Students will try to convince the audience how their plan can be implemented in the spring semester of 2017.

Students will attend a screening of the documentaries and vote for which projects should move forward to the implementation phase.  Once projects are chosen for implementation, students will form action teams and begin their plan to create a positive change.

This course is designed for secondary level students, grades 6-12 and is interdisciplinary.  So far students in Maine, Texas, and Illinois have committed to completing the course. Once students select topics, they will be partnered up with collaborating schools for brainstorming, peer review, and feedback.

Here is our general outline:

  1. Introduce the 17 sustainable goals
  2. Write YOUR purpose


  1. Create a graphic organizer
  2. Develop an infographic of statistics


  1. Develop a Slogan
  2. Share idea and gather feedback - 6 word story video
  3. Develop a Plan of Action
  4. Interview an expert, explore community connection
  5. Collaborate with Global Partners
  6. Write or create a product that explains connection to content
1. Develop a documentary (1-2 mins)
  1. Showcase purpose, research, why important, action
  2. Share globally, garner feedback



If you want to join us, have your students subscribe to the course. We will continue to build the course over the year and look for opportunities for our kids to work together. We would love thoughts, feedback, or ideas you might have to improve this project! :)

 This project was created by @jdeinhammer@miaLmorrison, and @smyles2100 


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