Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Curious Creatures

We are getting ready for a new collaborative project between 7th grade science students and K-4 students.  Our focus is on animal survival, behaviors, and basic needs. 

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Part 1 - Have your kids introduce themselves and tell us where they are from.  They can ask questions they have about insects and plants and how they survive in their environment.  You can add responses here starting today!

EX: Why does an earthworm die when it crosses a sidewalk?  Why do bugs fly around lights?

From here, my students will design an investigation to answer the questions.  We will use earthworms, roaches, mealworms, snails, and plants in the lab.  We will test various types of stimuli - light, temperature, food, water, etc.  After our kids design and conduct the lab, they are going to make a one minute Clips video to teach animals basic needs using the evidence collected in the lab.

Part 2 - K-4 students will watch some of the Clips videos and learn more about animal survival and basic needs.  They can reply to the videos with follow up questions.

Part 3 - Reflection - all students can share what they learned from the experience.

All videos will be shared on FlipGrid 

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