Thursday, March 8, 2018

Shark Week

To launch our environmental study this year, we are having our own Shark Week!  Here is the outline if you want to join us!

I found a hyperdoc created by FlipGrid and modified it to fit our curriculum and tie in the Global Goals.  This will lead into our World Water Day project which you can read more about here.


1. Global Goal #14 Life Below Water.
Students will review Global Goal #14 and identify why oceans are important.

2. Biodiversity
Define biodiversity and understand why it is important.

3. Shark Food Webs
Students will use Keynote or Buncee to create a food web that shows the biodiversity of the ocean.

4. Amazing Shark Adaptations
Students will learn about adaptations and how sharks have special adaptations that increase their chance of survival.

5. Swimming With Sharks?
Students discuss if they would swim with sharks.

6. Identifying Sharks
Students use a dichotomous key to identify different species of sharks.

7. Threats to Wildlife
Students use the WWF Together App to investigate more about sharks and learn about their threats.

8. Being a Shark Scientist
Using FlipGrids Shark Explorer Series, students learn more about being a shark scientist.

9. Make a Difference
Students design a plan to protect ocean habitats and share their plan with others.

10. Being a Shark Tracker - Citizen Science
Students use a Shark Tracking App to observe shark migration patters and try to determine trends in the data.

We added a few challenges in this week long investigation to encourage kids to take action and think more about certain concepts.  We award badges to those that complete the challenges.

- Collect 4 plastic drink holder rings and donate to the class art project.
- Record a meaningful response to someone on the Shark Scientist FlipGrid
- Create a meme that shows why sharks are an important part of our ecosystem
- Track a Shark using the Shark Tracker App

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