Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Xtranormal, EyeExam, and uHear

We used flexible learning stations to learn about the general senses and reflexes.  Learners rotated through several different stations to learn about how the nervous system works.  A full copy of the Nervous System Lab can be viewed on my class website.  One station had the students using the iPad app called EyeExam to determine how well their eye functions.  The app is free and actually pretty good.  Another station used the iPod app called uHear to test hearing.   This one pretty much told all my students they had substantial hearing loss, but we were using earbuds and not in a silent environment so I don't really blame the app.  One of my favorite stations was the creating of a short animation to discuss brain foods and why certain foods were considered good for your brain.  Students could choose either Xtranormal or GoAnimate (both free sign ups) to create a animation of under one minute. 

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