Friday, November 16, 2012

The Perot, Notability, and Photobucket or Haiku Deck

Today I found out my field trip was approved - which isn't an easy task in a school of over 3,000 students!  My classes will be visiting the Perot Museum of Science in January to find motivation and inspiration to create our Science Night at the Museum (listed below).  The best thing about the Perot is the hands-on nature of the exhibits.  I can't imagine a more interactive experience for my students.

So how does the iPad fit into this?  Well, we are taking the iPads with us. It definitely makes me a little nervous sending them out, but that is why we have them, right??  The groups will be challenged to find a few exhibits that most impress them and photograph them.  The photographs will be uploaded to our class Photobucket account and students will briefly describe how they see they could use that style of exhibit when developing our Science Night.  The photobucket account will be shared with all students to use during their planning of our project so that they can get ideas from each other and see parts of the museum they may have missed.  I also thought about having each group put their pictures in Haiku Deck and present to class when we return, but they wouldn't see students from other classes.  Still tossing that one around.

They will also take notes in Notability and  upload to Google Docs to share with their team.

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