Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coding in Science

One option for my final project in Anatomy and Physiology was to actually code for this App-E-Feat contest.  I had all students come up with ideas for this contest, but the coding was optional.   I was surprised at how many students chose coding for their project, as there were easier options.   I was actually more surprised by how many of them did not want to submit their final product to the contest because they wanted to continue working on it over the summer to try to develop it themselves. Watching them learn to code was really amazing and I was really impressed with how quickly they learned it.

I have not shared the apps for the students who are still working, as they wanted to keep them private until they are ready - but the ideas are so outstanding!  Others however, were fine to share their apps and enter the contest, so here are a few of their ideas in our class portfolio.

Special thanks to Gail Ross-McBride for sharing this contest!


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