Wednesday, May 28, 2014

iBook Author

My culminating project this year for Anatomy was to have my students use iBooks Author to create class books on topics of their choice.  I figured I would need to teach myself how to use iBooks Author in case they had questions so I wrote a short book.  I wasn't planning on publishing it, but it was actually kind of fun so I finished it.  

I shared 7 projects that we did in class this year, the rubrics, and some student examples. You can download iPads in Life Science from iBooks .     

My students created books on topics from how to have a healthy pregnancy to how to not gain the freshman 15 when they go off to college next year.  They had 1-2 editors for the class book and other students were assigned jobs as page writers, illustrators, design and layout, etc.  Based on their reflections after publication, next year if I repeat this project, I will have smaller groups and more clearly defined job roles so the work is more evenly distributed.  

Here are some examples:

Gabby's Book - My Developing Baby
This book covers how babies develop during the three trimesters and how to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy.  They drew all the images in this book on their iPad.

Emma's Book - College 101
This book covers how to stay healthy your first year of college and avoid gaining the "freshman fifteen".

Stacey's book - How To Handle Your Pregnancy
Tips on a healthy pregnancy.


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