Friday, August 22, 2014

Educator Evaluation

Our district has completely redone how educators are evaluated and its quite awesome. I love that it encourages growth for ALL teachers, no matter where they are right now and really aligns with our district vision of transforming education.

One way in which educators in CISD are being evaluated this year has to do with the learning environment.  One domain mentions "displaying learner work", which struck up a lot of conversation this morning at the meeting.  I know that I don't hang kids work on the wall anymore-- and haven't really in a long time.  Most of what my kids create is digital, although we do create models and such occasionally, most is online.

For the last year, I have created an online portfolio for me to share class creations.  My portfolio is used to showcase their work so I can share it on twitter, with their parents, or at professional conferences. While they have their own online portfolio to reflect and share their work through the year, being published in our class portfolio gives them another way to have an authentic audience. I do not always share the best work, I showcase good work, accurate information, creative thinking, innovative ideas, etc. Everyone has a chance of being published.

Giving kids an audience for their work should be something we all strive to do. Authentic audiences = more learner engagement = more learning.

Two more awesome science educators are implementing this idea this year and have just set up their class portfolios as well to be added to this school year.

Angela Barnes --  ESS, Astronomy, and APES Portfolio

Monica Ortigoza -- IB Chemistry and GT Chemistry  

Check out their outstanding work and think about creating your own space to showcase learner creations.  

**We used bulb portfolios due to the ease of use and the ability to create and access from an iPad...and its free. :)


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