Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TOY Reflections....

Today I have to get on a stage in front of my entire district and talk ...about myself. Those of you that know me, know that I am horrified at the very thought of this.

When trying to decide what to talk about, all I could think about was how thankful I am for what everyone else does.  So as my speech makes an odd twist away from talking about me to talking about you, know that it was very intentional.  I could have made it a Grammy/Oscar speech and thanked specific people (who are listed below…), but I know that a few I wanted to thank aren't in the district anymore and I didn't want people to actually fall asleep while I was talking. 

Being TOY has given me a lot of attention, which I am not great at receiving.  I am never sure exactly how to respond or I fear that I come off ungrateful, when really its just my introverted personality.  I appreciate everything and could not be more excited to represent Coppell ISD and Region 10.  I am also kind of excited about being on the sidelines of the National Championship game in January too :)

One thing I was not prepared for when receiving TOY was the negative attention I would receive. While many people were complimentary and truly happy for me, others somehow decided I have created more work for them.  What does this mean for me?  Thicker skin?  Developing the ability to let things roll off of me without getting my feelings hurt?  Probably so -- but more so, it motivates me to really try to improve the culture of my school and the attitudes of those I work with.  Acknowledge everyones strengths and be happy for what they contribute - because everyone contributes something.

But last night and this morning, I was reminded by so many people one reason why I love my job. Getting texts, tweets, DM's, and emails from people I haven't talked to in awhile...all with happy thoughts and wishes for me as I get on the stage.  I could not ask for a better community in which to work and teach.  Thank you all so much for supporting me and knowing me so well.

So here is my convocation video.  I wish I could have included all of the videos that were sent to me by students, but I had a time limit. Some had sound issues, others were grainy, and several had just minor technical difficulties in sending them.  All videos will be delivered to the teacher they thanked over the next week.  

Here is the link if the video does not show up.

My Thank You List:

Dr. Turner - How could I have been willing to try new things and challenge the traditional educational system without his support and encouragement?  Knowing your superintendent believes in you is more powerful than anything.  I have so much respect for him and what he is doing to improve education in our state and beyond.

Tabitha Branum - This woman intimidated me more than I knew possible, but with that, she challenged me to step up and try harder. Her encouragement allowed me to present at conferences and speak with confidence.  I admire how amazing she is at leading people and how well spoken she always is.

Laura Springer - What could I possibly say about Springer that everyone doesn't already know?  Her legacy in this community is like nothing I have ever seen.  When I asked kids to speak in this video, almost every last one of them wanted to thank Springer, and so do I.  Her presence in the room makes the room a happier place and I can not tell her enough how her positive attitude inspires me.

Linda Cook - Her work ethic is unmatched.  She finds the best in all people and I truly admire her for that.  She had helped me see the big picture and helped me reflect along this journey.  I cannot imagine anyone better suited for her position of leading and transforming educators.

There are so many more people that I want to thank -- so I stuck with the ones that were here from the beginning (or almost the beginning)...I appreciate each and everyone of you that contribute to making Coppell ISD a transformative school district.

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