Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Design Thinking

Allowing my students to design our course this year has increased motivation, learning, and engagement in my classroom.  Not only are students processing information in a new way, but they are given the choice of what to learn and how to learn it.  We take the topics they are interested in and find ways to benefit society with our knowledge.  What my students have accomplished this year really is beyond any expectations.   From a student developed online course in health concepts that has over 27,000 subscribers world-wide, to creating a challenge to improve the health of our community, students are innovating, creating, and asking questions that I cannot answer.  I love the daily challenge it has provided me.  Giving up control of the classroom allows voice and choice from everyone in the room. --Real projects with real outcomes--

Here is my presentation for mini-CAST on Design Thinking in the Science Classroom.

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