Friday, January 10, 2014

Heart Smart

Our third lesson is now posted in Health Without Borders!  Subscribe to our course in iTunes U on your iDevice and click HEART SMART to see what cool things my students created to teach about the heart and lungs.  Here is the overview:

Take a health challenge and have a healthier heart!  Have your class decide what they could do to improve heart health, complete the challenge, and then blog about it with us. We will respond to your posts.  Click here for a direct link to our class BLOG.

Learn from my students by using the iBooks and videos they created to learn about the heart and lungs.

Use the Explore section to find a fun lab from PBS kids on heart rate, determine lung volumes with a lab created by my students, or check out a few activities from the Texas Heart Institute.

Get your class moving with the Get up and Move Challenge. Log your miles with us! So far, we have miles logged from Texas, Tennessee, and Bejing!

You can check out the apps we found for you and then Skype with us and let us know what you think about the lesson.

All resources are found in the iTunes U course "Health Without Borders" under the post Heart Smart!

P.S...its all free :)
Take pictures and share them with us on Twitter using #chsAP or @jdeinhammer!

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