Sunday, January 12, 2014


Welcome to the Healthy Cowboy Challenge for 2014!

In the spirit of letting my students design the class this year, I decided to let them also plan our 3rd annual health challenge at the high school.  In the past, we have adopted a volunteer teacher (or any school employee) and created a wellness plan for him or her. The students are the personal trainers, dietitians, and cheerleaders, helping their clients reach their goals.  Here is what this years students came up with to improve this project:

What's New This Year?

1.  Make it bigger -- invite people outside of our school, district, and community to join us.  If we are trying to improve the health of society, why limit ourselves within the walls of our high school?  Our central administration has a team this year and we are so excited to work with them!  We also have a teacher from a neighboring district participating via Skype!

2. Make it a competition.  Give points for healthy choices such as working out, trying a new healthy meal, replacing unhealthy drinks/snacks, visiting a farmers market, doing a fun run, etc. Whoever has the most points at the end of 12 weeks wins!

3. Use #chsAP to motivate, share pictures, and create a way to share successes.

4. Don't make all students participate.  Some students are unsure about this project, so we are going to give them the option of doing it.  If they want to help a teacher, they can, but if they don't...they have a different project to work on.  This ensures that all students involved truly want to make a difference and help their client achieve their goals.

What Clients Should Expect:   

(1)  Weekly check in each Friday so the students can record weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.

(2)  Students develop a weekly plan that could consist of healthy recipes, workout plans, general healthy habits tips, or scientific reasons you should be avoiding unhealthy foods.

(3)  Each week you accumulate points for making healthy choices.  It's a healthy competition!

(4)  Work with a team of motivated students who want to help you be successful and meet your goals.

Motivational video created by Jessie C. 

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