Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nearpod Case Studies

Thanks to the University of Buffalo Science Case Study, I frequently will find a case study to introduce a new unit of study in Anatomy.  The website contains a ton of cases easily searchable by subject, topic, grade level, etc.  A lot the cases are science, but there are also geography, math, and a few others. 

How I use these cases in a 1:1 classroom - NEARPOD! 

I use nearpod to create an interactive presentation that presents the case in a part by part method.  I only give them a portion of the case at a time and often stop to perform an inquiry type lab for them to gain more information about their patient.  Putting the students in the position of doctor increase their motivation to learn - everyone wants to be the one to correctly diagnose and treat their patient.  

Within the nearpod presentation, we label diagrams, take polls, answer quiz questions, and diagnose the patient.  Student iPad screens can be projected onto the smartboard at various times throughout the case to prompt questioning and discussion.


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