Sunday, November 11, 2012

Science Night at the Museum

Student Challenge:  Develop an interactive booth that is geared towards elementary aged students that will get them excited about science.  Develop a booth that is both interactive and hands on and forces students to think, but still have fun.

Last year was the first year we had Science Night at the Museum.  All 125 of my anatomy students participated and we had over 500 elementary aged students from our community attend.  We were hoping for 100, so we well exceeded our hopes (and supplies!)  

Booths ranged from small dissections to interactive apps that tested vision, hearing, depth perception, etc.  Some booths had students predict what would happen and then try it out.  Other booths showed students the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We used iPads, iPod Touch, MacBooks, Digital microscopes, Pasco probeware, and many other devices to grasp the attention of our young audience.  

This year to increase involvement, Anatomy students created an iMovie trailer to promote the event.  Each group will presented their trailer and we voted on the best of the best.  The winning trailer was sent out to each elementary school in our district to be shown on the student news channel. The video was also shared by our districts on twitter and facebook.

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