Sunday, November 11, 2012

Teaching with VoiceThread

Anatomy students were matched up with a first grade classroom within our district.  The first graders Skyped with our class one day and discussed their hypothesis for what they believed was good and bad for their bones (a unit they were studying).  My anatomy students agreed to research and test their hypothesis, being their scientist buddies.  We ran experiments over the next week using chicken bones and the foods the 1st graders suggested.  After a week, we had our first grade buddy class visit us and get results from their lab.  They measured mass, volume, circumference, and force required to break the bone.  Force measurement was taken with a probe and connected to the iPad so they could see the results. 

After the students left, anatomy students created a VoiceThread to teach the 1st graders why they obtained the results.  The best voicethreads were sent back to our first grade buddy class.  Here are a couple of examples of what we sent back to the first graders after their visit.  

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